Isuzu Mobile Workshop now at your Doorstep

This unique all-encompassing program firstly ensures that you order the correct specification of vehicle for your operation. Throughout the warranty period our own staff maintain direct contact with you to ascertain that your vehicle is performing as you would expect it to and that our dealer is looking after you and your vehicle in a way that only Isuzu can demand. Although predominantly customer-facing, internally we ensure all our service technicians, technical advisors and after sales staff to uphold high performance standards. Whether dealing with Isuzu or one of our approved dealers you can always be sure of this customer service. We will help you on all aspects of purchasing your vehicle.


Isuzu’s warranty (excluding bodywork and ancillary equipment) 100,000 KM or 1 year which ever come 1st.*


We offer any training program for drivers, technicians or according to our customers requirement. To ensure you get the best from your truck our unique driver training and technical advice will ensure you maximize profit potential – improving fuel economy, reducing accident damage and increasing road safety!


All backed up by a strong nationwide agent network. When you take your Vehicle in for a service, you want to know that your vehicle is in the hands of trained professionals who know what to look for, how to ensure that your truck enjoys many more miles on the road, and how to save you money while doing so. It is in our best interests to take excellent care of every Isuzu truck that crosses our lot, so we only employ the finest technicians with exceptional track records.

All genuine parts and accessories are available.